Home Care

  1. Physiocare - Trained Physiotherapist visits home to restore the mobility and strength of patience who are disabled by diseases.
    1. They use physical modality machines (IFT, Ultrasound, Wax) to treat pain and restore injured muscles.
    2. They also teach immobile old age and neurologically affected patience the technique of wheelchair mobilization and walking with aid of walkers.
    3. They also help in purchase of belts and braces for various Orthopaedic
  3. Nursing Care - skilled nurses visit home to treat the wounds, change dressings and to administer intravenous / intramuscular injections safely and effectively.
  5. Blood test - We coordinate with labs to collect blood and urine samples.
  7. Belts, Braces & Footwear - We provide all sizes of belts & braces for various Orthopaedic diseases like Osteoarthritis knee, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis and sports injuries like ligament tear, ligament sprain, tendon tear etc. We coordinate and provide MCR slipers, diabetic footwear and footwear modification for various Orthopaedic problems like flat foot, polio foot, CTEV e.c.t.