1. Orthopaedic Consultation
    Consultations are available for.
    1. Fracture Care
    2. Upper limb problems - shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain
    3. Lower limb problems - hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain
    4. Spine disorders
    5. Paediatric orthopaedic conditions
    6. Sports injuries
    7. Joint replacement - hip & knee
    8. Keyhole surgery - arthroscopy
    9. Others - Limb deformity, tumour surgery for bone cancer

  2. Physiotheraphy
  3. Physiotheraphy modalities like IFT, traction, ultrasonic massage and wax therapy are available. Exercises to strength muscles and regain mobility are also taught.

  4. Dietitian
    Dietitian helps the patient in suggesting
    - Diets rich in calcium to strengthen the bone.
    - Dietary advice to reduce weight.
    - Diets to be avoided in certain diseases like in gout & Rheumatoid arthritis.